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    • Always e30

        11 months ago
    • The 190E is really what got me to fall in love with Mercedes!! Although they were cars for lawyers and accountants, I always had an appreciation for German engineering!! Plus it’s a cool looking car.

        11 months ago
    • I got given an unregistered 1986 190E when I was 14 as a paddock basher. Best present ever! So I might be biased, but I'd definitely choose the 190E.

        11 months ago
    • Which of these 80s car hits stole your heart? @tribe

        11 months ago
      • I have to say I like the E30 but not as much as other BMWs, so I would go with the 190E. A 190E EVO would have made more sense in the poll though.

          11 months ago
    • E30 M3 but it's close. That 190E is awesome aswell. Both Legends.

        11 months ago


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