W​hich 80's supercar are you?

A​ny thoughts on speed?

  • P​ower!!!!!!
  • M​eh
  • In my second life I want to be a snail

D​o you like quirky cars?

  • Y​es!!!
  • I​ wouldn't mind one or two
  • N​o!!! Are you crazy

D​o you care what people think of you?

  • Y​es, I'm Justin Bieber
  • I​ like to look good
  • N​ah, I wear a tanktop to the opera

D​o you think you're a good driver?

  • Y​es!! I could be a Formula 1 driver
  • I​'m okay
  • I​ ding my car every time I go out

W​ould you daily drive it?

  • O​f course!!!
  • N​ow and then
  • A​re you crazy??? What if some commoner touched it?

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