Which annoying car trend are you?

4w ago


Are you a kind person?

  • Well I have got a few friends...
  • I'm pretty sure to be the nastiest person on Earth.

Do you think more with your head or heart?

  • Oh, Alfas!
  • Ze Golf is ze best auto you could ever need

Which material do you like more?

  • Glass
  • Vegan material
  • Wood
  • Squidgy plastic

How many floors has your house got?

  • Why would you ever need more than 1?
  • Well I've got 2
  • Less than 3 is simply too small
  • More than 3, I like a good mansion!

Are you more of an indoor or outdoor person?

  • I like Winter cause you're not forced to live outside all the time
  • Trees, animals, air... Yes!

Which animal would you pick?

  • You've got to have a cat
  • I don't like to be rushed, tortuous please
  • If I could get a lion, know that I would

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