Which British car matches your personality?

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When someone sneezes, what is your knee-jerk reaction?

  • Bless you
  • Bless you my son, for yours is the earth, the wind and the rain
  • Eww
  • Oi mate, WTF
  • Present them with a tissue
  • Quietly 'tut' and carry on with your day

If someone doffs their cap at you, how do you respond?

  • Doff mine cap back at the gentleman/lady
  • Just a casual hand to head salute as you left your bowler hat at home
  • Smile and a quick nod
  • Ask them what is their f*cking problem
  • Go straight in for the head butt
  • Invite them to lunch to taste your fist sandwich

If someone suggests chicken for dinner, how do you react?

  • I much prefer wood pigeon
  • I know this great little restaurant that makes the best coq au vin
  • Yes, love a bit of KFC
  • Oh great, we can get a jumbo box from Chicken Cottage for £15
  • Simon knows a great little place that does chicken, but no-one knows about it and it is served in a spade.

How many holidays do you take a year?

  • 0 - I wish I could have a holiday
  • 1 - One big Summer holiday
  • 2 - A big holiday, then a little getaway
  • 3 - Definitely need a few breaks throughout the year
  • 4 - Lots of city breaks!
  • 5 - I live on holiday

Which of these names are you most likely to call your first son?

  • Cecil
  • Barnaby
  • Hugo
  • David
  • James
  • Wayne

Pick your Saturday night beverage

  • Champagne - Specifically the 1962 Bollinger
  • Scotch - A Macallan 18 if you're offering
  • Gin and Tonic
  • Beer
  • Bacardi Breezer or a blue WKD if they've run out
  • I don't drink

Finally, how much tea do you drink a day?

  • I don't drink tea. *Everyone gasps*
  • One cup is enough
  • Two cups. One in the morning, one in the evening
  • Three cups. I ruddy love tea.
  • Four cups. I've started to lost count.
  • Five minimum. I have a cup of tea glued to my spiffing hand.

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