Which car brand has the most song titles?

Time to dig into the database a little for some weird statistics.....

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In my vast, and mostly official, library of 'car songs' one finds there are many songs named after cars. Obviously. But which manufacturer holds the coveted title of having the most songs named after their cars? Well here's your answer.....

The number one manufacturer is..... General Motors. There are 223 song titles with either one of their brands or a specific GM model in the title. This should come as no surprise as GM was for years the world's largest car manufacturer, with the most sub-brands in the industry. Breaking down GM's total - Chevrolet (or Chevrolet models) has 110 songs, Cadillac is second with 64, Pontiac is next with 36 (quite a few GTO songs in there), Buick has 14 and Oldsmobile has 9. The total does not include songs that have GM-specific engines in the title, such as '409', '455', '396' and '327' - that would add a further 7 songs to the total.

Second place goes to Ford. 149 songs are titled with either a generic 'Ford' or a specific make/model in the title (including the Lincoln - 7 - and Mercury - 8 - sub-brands). But Ford lovers take heart - they did hold the single model record with 30 songs written about Mustangs (as compared to 21 songs about Corvettes, the second place holder).

The numbers drop off pretty rapidly from there. Chrysler Corp has 29, Jaguar has 11, Volkswagen has 9, etc. Why do the Americans have so many more songs about their cars than any other nationality? An article will be forthcoming on that shortly.

One note about methodology - these are songs with the car name IN THEIR TITLE - there are a great many more songs which are about a specific brand, but do not have anything car related in the title. So this list is not the definitive answer as to which car has been sung about the most (though it might be a good indication). There were a couple of interesting surprises as I went through the database today. There are eight brands with only one song title (Holden, Daimler, SAAB, Subaru, Porsche, Terraplane, AMC and Lotus), and a surprisingly paltry 4 Rolls Royce. The weirdest specific models (in my opinion) are references to Chevettes, Grenadas, Tempos, Biscayne, Crown Victorias and even an Econoline.

So now you can head off to the bar and win a few drinks. Hope this useless info proves helpful to someone someday!

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