- Hindustan Motors Contessa

Which car reminds you of your childhood?

For me, it has to be the Hindustan Motors Contessa.

These days we get a new car every minute. Perhaps that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but you do get what I’m trying to point out. Back when I started to fall in love with cars, albeit in HotWheels form, we barely had one car launch in a year. At least in India.

If I had to think back and recall the first car that reminds me of those simpler times, it would have to be the Hindustan Motors Contessa. It was based on a Vauxhall Victor FE and remained in production from 1982 to 2002. I know all those facts now. Back then, all that mattered to me was how cool it looked.

Which car reminds you of your childhood? Share an image in the comments section and drop a line or two on why it is your chosen one.

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Comments (205)

  • For me, it was our 2006 Elantra. My 4 year old self thought that it was the coolest and the most beautiful car ever!

      15 days ago
  • 1968 Dodge Charger or the 1968 GTO Judge.

      14 days ago
  • Has to be 2002 Skoda Octavia. A 3 yr old me then once saw it and thought-Tis is one of the craziest and most gorgeous car of that time

      15 days ago
  • Skoda Laura VRs. It was always that one 'halo car' in India. Fast , elegant, powerful , cool and relatively cheap at around Rs.1.5 million. Eight year old me, had once bought a copy of Autocar magazine with the Laura VRs as it's cover. There were positive reviews of it , in India, by literally everyone- TeamBHP/Autocar/Car, all of 'em. Despite having a rather tame 160hp , it felt fast. I had seen one speed past me on a highway, and it was a blur of yellow. It is rather hard to find nowadays, but I wish I can own one someday.

      14 days ago
  • These two. Apart from minor trim differences, pictures are quite accurate.

    Yugo was a 903ccm 45er, the Kadett was a 1.3 petrol with 60 PS.

      14 days ago