2010's has been quite a fun time to be involved with cars. since now we are near to the end of this decade, we can take a look at all the cars and pick one or two cars which we can look back and tell our kids,"this was the car that represents the 2010's ". Sounds easy,but a big problem, too many contenders. We have Hybrid Supercars that shuts the environmentalists at 200mph, Electric cars that can out perform internal combustion engine, car with 1- speed gearbox that can go 240+mph, rise Mclaren road cars etc. So lets have a look at the contenders

1. Lamborghini Aventador

Aventador has reached the likes not only to petrolheads, but also to people who don't know what really an engine is. The Aventador has mastered in two categories speed and posing. It pleases the person who wants to go fast as well as a person who wants to pull gold diggers. this car i think will be remembered among everyone who lived this decade.

2. Tesla Model S

Tesla proved to the world that electric cars are not boring by making it cheaper to run than a normal car and making it faster than mid level performance cars. This answered the dreams of possibly the ideal car, which made it very popular and a benchmark for future electric cars.

3. Hypercar Holy Trinity

The legendary Battle which triggered in 2013,When Porsche brought the 918, Mclaren and Ferrari responded with the P1 and the Laferarri. The petrolhead community was more awake than ever to seen which of these cars is the fastest. This was a concern for the manufacturers since it would hurt sales, this made private collectors race it and then internet boys have a big argument in the comment section that its not on the correct tires blah blah blah. This did make these cars very popular and one of the events that history might remember.

4. Mercedes G-Wagon

G-wagon was only heard among the off road people, but now its even heard by everyone in Hollywood, if you roam around a blacked out g wagon with tinted windows, people immediately think you are a celebrity, celebrity cred vehicle makes it popular. but g-wagon did much better than lets make celebs happy, it even made the super rich (mostly Arabs) stand out by making the 6x6 and the 4x4 for little less super rich. this made Instagram show off dreamer's dream car.

5. Koenigsegg Agera

Agera did what the Veyron couldn't , Go faster on a track. The Agera quickly came to fame as the fastest production road car in the world. The spec sheet of the car look like telephone numbers. It used cutting edge materials to make it as light as possible. This attention to detail makes it very popular.

6. Porsche 991 GT3,GT3RS and R

If you wanted to destroy anyone on a Track day, you got a GT3RS. It was the ultimate track car for the price. If you wanted a manual gearbox, you got a 911 R if you were lucky to get it brand new. What if you were not lucky, you a GT3. This wide range of choice among the 991 made it very desirable and obtainable.

7. Mclaren 675LT

the 675LT came close to the performance level of the P1 but not costing millions. And it was the first Mclaren Supercar to have words like "passion","emotion" by pretty much everyone who drove that car. this changed the image of Mclaren Supercar from clinically fast to excitingly fast. This image change made Mclaren very popular and made it a desirable brand (so did the P1)

8. Ferrari 458

The 458 was the car that set high standards among the supercars. it was everything you wanted from a supercar. it was a favourite car of anyone who drove it even thought the rival cars were faster. it became famous for petrolheads and since it looked stunning, it become famous as a toll for showing off as well. this made it very popular among all kinds of people.

9. Rolls Royce Ghost Platform

Before the ghost, a rolls was a car that was meant to be driven around, the ghost changed it and made it a car which is meant to be driven by the owner, and it was cheaper than the phantom. if you didn't like 4-door, rolls made a ghost with 2-door car and called it wraith. This made Rolls Royce open its market to the young age group. the wraith mastered what the Ferrari and Lamborghini couldn't, it didn't make you look like a complete idiot driving around it and still a member of the show off club .

10. Aston Martin DB10

DB10 made a big announcement in the bond film Spectre that Aston martin is back. Since Aston didn't change much of the design of their cars since 2005. The DB10 showcased what the next generation of Aston martin will look like. then the DB11 and the vantage came quickly became desirable.

What Car do you think represents the 2010's ? let me know in the comments.

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