which cars do you wish you had never sold ?????

2y ago


Through my life in the 22 years in the motor trade there are a handful of cars i regret selling of the thousands that have passed through my hands there are 5 that stick in my mind. A Lamborghini Diablo se30 in viola, a 1968 VW Beetle wizard roadster, a Lancia Delta intergrale lagos blue ( i had 8 intergrales in total ) a Citroen cx gti turbo 2 and this a 1972 911 2.7 .

A lot of the other vehicles which i have seen come and go will be on most peoples dream lists and at the time we part with these cars that stick in our minds and hold a special place. Cars do not have to be massive money or huge power to be special. Take my Citroen CX for example few people who dont know me well will not believe or understand why i love the futuristic design or the magic carpet ride of the big old Citroen but I do and i find those cars spell binding. I crave a estate for my personal collection or maybe a more exotic sm with the Maserati engine there is just something unexplainably cool about big old Citroens

However to the car in subject I am a big 911 fan and have had hundreds some through my hands over the years. It all began 20 years ago when I was 18 and swapped my vw Beetle and a large amount of cash for a 1981 3.0 sc targa. It was a very retro 80s machine with the huge rubber rear spoiler. From then on 911s have featured strongly in my car choices and i have had hundreds including turbos, gt3 rs, 993, 996, 997, 991 targas coups convertibles etc but this is the one that stands out and to the purist or collector it is probably nothing special

in 2014 after spending several years persuading my friend Mikes dad to part with it I managed to get my hands on this. It had been in their garage for over 10 years and moved occasionally. Mike and his dad have an engineering firm making and dealing with components for race car gearboxes and at some point in the past this car had been given to them as part payment towards an outstanding bill that someone could not afford to pay. Eventually i got my hands on it!

The car was a 1972 911 .7 coupe. At some point in its life ( i suspect when people didn't know what parts etc were worth ) it was modified to rs specification, that included the front bumper , rear duck tail spoiler, period fusch wheels etc. The car still required period seats and some paintwork oh and the carrera door graphics of course but the car had the correct engine and the original dog leg gearbox.

sadly due to the timing i was in a position with impending relationship breakdown etc where i had to dispose of the car I so desperately wanted to keep and even taking into account the profit I couldn't cheer myself up sadly the car was sold and i never completed it. I know it wasn't and would never be a genuine rs ( they are over 500k today ) but to me it was THE 911 of all (!!s i craved and still wish i owned. Its amazing that in theory the ones that are the fastest coolest or rarest are not always the ones we crave !!!!!

which brings me onto the point which are the cars you ahve owned over the years and miss ? I would love to know

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