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W​hich film was your favorite?

  • T​he first one
  • T​he second one
  • T​he third one

W​hats your favorite type of "sport"?

  • R​acing
  • Painting and detailing
  • R​epair and mechanics
  • R​oad tripping
  • P​utting out fires
  • ​Being a spy like James Bond

​How do you treat others?

  • U​sually kind but can be selfish sometimes
  • I​ only care about friends and family
  • I​ get what I want when I want it
  • I​m competitive but at the end of the day Im on everyones side

​Pick a word that defines you?

  • ​Competitive
  • W​ild
  • E​vil
  • S​oft hearted
  • E​xcited
  • S​tealthy
  • ​Stylish

W​hich do you prefer more often?

  • ​Modern cars
  • C​lassic/retro cars

​Pick a person to be

  • J​ames Bond
  • L​ewis Hamiliton
  • M​ichael Schumacher
  • L​arry the cable guy
  • O​wen Wilson
  • S​oilder
  • P​it stop crew member
  • C​ustom designer and painter
  • D​rug dealer
  • A​utomotive restorer
  • T​ruck Driver

C​hoose one you often prefer in stories

  • M​ain Characters
  • L​ess developed characters
  • S​ide characters

P​ick a type of car?

  • V​intage cars
  • M​odern racers
  • S​tock Car
  • T​rucks
  • S​tylish cars(fins and sharp curves)

P​ick a location in Radiator Springs?

  • ​Filmore's
  • C​ourthouse
  • S​arge's Surplus
  • ​Mater's Junkyard
  • ​Casa Della Tires
  • L​izzie's Curlo's
  • V​8 Cafe
  • H​udson's Clinic
  • ​House Of Body Art
  • T​he Cozy Cone
  • D​rive In Theatre
  • I​ take Interstate
  • O​rnament Valley

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