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      Which commercial 4x4 would you rather use?
      • 2021 Land Rover Defender commercial
      • 2021 Suzuki Jimny commercial
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      • What about the Land Cruiser Commercial, which has all the practicality of the defender but for a snip of the price?

          2 months ago
        • That’s always been the best in my opinion. But then again I love any Land Cruiser of any generation. You’d be mad not to

            2 months ago
        • Actually the same price but less capable.

          Defender Commercial apparently starts at £35k, but even if it’s more, the capacity and off road capabilities out the box trump the Cruiser

            2 months ago
      • Definitely the Jimny, because in 15k miles it will still work properly, and the Land Rover won’t

          2 months ago
      • I'll take Suzuki over land rover money pit crap any day 😂

          2 months ago
      • The Jimney will carry on functioning LONG after the second owner gives up fixing their useless JLR product. You can find somewhere to park a Jimney almost anywhere. It costs buttons to run. I'm honestly struggling to see anything that's a plus about a JLR product.

          2 months ago
      • Land Rover needs to take the Defender to Moab, Utah to show the world it’s as capable as the Jeep Rubicon or the new Ford Bronco!

          2 months ago


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