Which cool prototype are you based on the money you spend every day?

5w ago

Same quiz as yesterday only now it works

How much money have you been spending lately?

  • Lockdown has really slown me down
  • Covid isn't an excuse to spend more or less money
  • More cases, more money gone!

Have books become more important than ever?

  • Books remain a waste of money and space
  • Hold on, it's the postman again...
  • Audiobooks have become my ultimate mates

What are you more careful about these days?

  • That's a stupid question: Covid of course
  • The electricity and water I use up now we're all locked down (or up)
  • The food I eat so I don't end up like Clarkson

What is something you've been spending less money on?

  • Sadly it's got to be petrol
  • Definitely my hair
  • Parking tickets

How's virtual reality going?

  • Hell
  • Heaven
  • Apocalyptic

Is lockdown the worst than can happen to 2021?

  • Thanks to Drivetribe and Amazon Prime, not quite
  • Here's to everyone who wished me a happy new year
  • I'm waiting for the moment I need milk again so I can drive off

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