Which drive is better?

Different strokes for different folks.

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Different strokes for different folks, question "WHICH DRIVE IS BETTER?" matter of taste of each person. In this article I'll show you my opinion.

In this article, we will discuss what kinds of drives are, how they behave on the road, and of course who is better. The drive determines how the wheels transmitted torque. All modern cars have four wheels – two front and two rear, the engine power can be transmitted to all four wheels, or one pair of wheels – front or rear. What is the difference between front, rear and all-wheel drive?

Front-wheel drive

Front-wheel drive

Front-wheel drive - this is when the thrust of the engine is transmitted only to the front pair of wheels. Front wheels, cling to the road and pulled over an entire car, with the rear wheels roll freely behind.

Front-wheel drive the most difficult to put into a skid, but also to exit the drift - you need much more skill than on other drives. Front-wheel drive has a high driving stability on snowy or muddy road. For the first car, the best choice is front-wheel drive.

The advantages of front-wheel drive:
Low price;
Reduced fuel consumption;
Permeability higher than that of a rear wheel drive;
Well on course for slippery roads.

Rear-wheel drive

Rear-wheel drive

Rear-wheel drive - this is when the engine power is transmitted only to the rear wheels. They rotate, clinging to the ground and as if pushing the car forward.

Rear wheel drive allows you accelerate faster, easily enters into a skid, but also simply deduced from it, and all this together makes the ride on rear wheel drive cars more interesting.

The advantages of rear-wheel drive:
It accelerates faster front;
The easiest way out of a skid.

All-wheel drive

All-wheel drive

Four-wheel drive - is when the engine power is transmitted to the front and rear axle simultaneously. It is also possible to connect them individually

Four-wheel drive on slippery surfaces may behave as a front or rear, depending on whether the wheel under any slippery. But all-wheel drive is better than anyone else on the off-road.

The advantages of all-wheel drive:
Permeability is much higher;
Accelerates even faster than the rear-wheel drive.

Wheel drive Cons:
High fuel consumption;
High price;
Expensive repairs and maintenance.

I choose four-wheel drive. What do you choose?


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