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1w ago
Which Electric 4-Door is better?

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  • Porsche but I like them both

      7 days ago
  • I trust Porsche quality over Tesla

      7 days ago
    • For sure. I mean, Tesla has better developed motor technology, but everything else from build quality, safety systems to interior is probably better on the Porsche.

        6 days ago
  • Apparently the Porsche is a better drivers car. The thing is though, that most people in the market for this level of car want the S if they can get their mitts on one. As a package, they offer more, with less glamour. It is no longer a 'good thing' if you display your wealth too extravagantly, and in the Porsche you are doing exactly that. Now, the S is by no means a mediocre car, far from it. It is vastly more efficient in every way than Porsche's offering and makes a better long distance proposition, but it is also somewhat spartan in the trim level, which is certainly a sticking point for some potential buyers. Fortunately there's still far greater a market for luxury EVs than either can supply, so in many ways the whole question is rather irrelevant. Just horses for courses, if you can actually find one for sale.

      6 days ago