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1w ago
Which Electric 4-Door is better?

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  • Porsche but I like them both

      11 days ago
  • I trust Porsche quality over Tesla

      11 days ago
    • For sure. I mean, Tesla has better developed motor technology, but everything else from build quality, safety systems to interior is probably better on the Porsche.

        11 days ago
  • Apparently the Porsche is a better drivers car. The thing is though, that most people in the market for this level of car want the S if they can get their mitts on one. As a package, they offer more, with less glamour. It is no longer a 'good thing' if you display your wealth too extravagantly, and in the Porsche you are doing exactly that. Now, the S is by no means a mediocre car, far from it. It is vastly more efficient in every way than Porsche's offering and makes a better long distance proposition, but it is also somewhat spartan in the trim level, which is certainly a sticking point for some potential buyers. Fortunately there's still far greater a market for luxury EVs than either can supply, so in many ways the whole question is rather irrelevant. Just horses for courses, if you can actually find one for sale.

      10 days ago