Which Era Fits Your Car Personality? Part 3.

1y ago

What's Most Important In Your Car?

  • Reliability
  • Horsepower
  • Technology
  • Styling

Does Your Car Have To Be Luxurious?

  • For Sure
  • Either Way, As Along It's Practical
  • Some Luxury Is Nice
  • No

Does Your Car Have To Be Reliable?

  • Absolutely
  • Moderately Reliable
  • It Really Doesn't Matter Much
  • No

How Important Is Styling?

  • It's That Matters
  • Pretty Important
  • Practicality Over Styling
  • Not Important At All

How Important Is Technology?

  • Extremely Important
  • Somewhat Important
  • I Can Take It Or Leave It
  • Not Important At All

Does You Car Have To Be Quick?

  • For Sure
  • Some Power Is Nice
  • As Long As It's Reliable
  • Nah

Does Tradition Matter?

  • For sure
  • Tradition Is Somewhat Important
  • No, The Past Is Irrelevant
  • Creating A New Tradition Is Best

Does The Size Of The Engine Matter?

  • For sure
  • Nah
  • As Long As It Gets The Job Done
  • As Long It's Silent

Electric Or Internal Combustion?

  • Internal Combustion
  • Electric
  • Doesn't Matter, It Just Has To Be Reliable
  • Whatever Works

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