W​hich F1 driver are you?

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Y​our fighting for the drivers championship, do you

  • C​rash into them so no one can win
  • W​ait for them to make a mistake
  • D​oesn't matter your too far ahead anyway
  • P​ut on the pressure
  • G​Ive up, their too good

W​hat car would you rather drive

  • M​claren MP4/4
  • L​otus 33
  • F​errari 312T
  • Maserati 250F
  • T​yrrell 003
  • F​errari F2004

W​hat decade would you want to race in

  • 1​950s
  • 1​960s
  • 1​970s
  • 1​980s
  • 1​990s
  • 2​000s

Y​our gearbox breaks down whilst racing, do you

  • K​eep going no matter what
  • G​o to the pits
  • T​ell the team on the radio
  • G​ive up

Y​our trying to pass a driver whose too slow, do you

  • P​ush them out of the way
  • M​ake them sweat
  • C​rash into them because there too slow and need to be taught a lesson
  • D​o an extreme maneuver to get passed

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