Which Formula E team should you drive for?

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Much like the Sorting Hat at Hogwarts, this tool will read your personality and let you know which of the Formula E teams you would be best suited to. Don't worry, Slytherin doesn't have a team.

How important is your company car?

  • Very important. I need to be cool away from the track
  • Not important at all, I just want a good race car
  • I mean, a free car is a free car, but I don't mind either way

Do you love an underdog?

  • Yes, who doesn't love a tale of grit and determination, of overcoming the odds, of David and Goliath?
  • Nope. I want to be with the best team, with the best car, and crush everyone
  • I have no interest in dogs, whether they're under or over

How important is a teammate with F1 experience?

  • Very important, just so I can crush them into dust
  • Not important at all, this isn't Formula 1 and a good driver is a good driver
  • Formula what? Never heard of it

Would you prefer a factory works team or a plucky privateer?

  • Works team, because of the huge resources of a road car manufacturer
  • Privateer, because they're quick, nimble and not distracted by anything other than racing
  • As long as they know which side of the car faces up, I don't care

True or false: red is the fastest colour for a race car

  • True
  • False

Are you hoping your race seat will come with a free watch from the sponsor?

  • Yes please!
  • Meh
  • The only time I'm interested in is lap time

What electric vehicle would you drive on the road?

  • A Porsche Taycan
  • A Mercedes-Benz EQC
  • A Nissan Leaf
  • I dunno, a milk float?
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