- This is not going well, is it... (That was 7 words. Haha!)

      Which Grand Tour presenter do you like best?

      ...along with some 7-worders about each one's career.

      Sorry, the heading was eight words. Anyway, this is just for fun, so people wanting to ramble on about why their favourite is the best, feel free to utilise your keyboard or keypad in the comments. So, in 7 words each...

      Jeremy Clarkson

      Punches, hits with both hammer and humour.

      James May

      Goes slowly but can pull fast ones.

      Richard Hammond

      Head's not far up even when upright.

      Ok, here goes the poll. BATTLE!!

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      Comments (29)

      • Honestly, I expected >60 for May. He seems the most down the earth, weird and least fake. Also, super interesting when he starts rambling about unimportant stuff

          2 years ago
        • I couldn’t agree more,Styp,he is always very interesting,and eccentric,especially when rambling on about an subject he is particularly interested/about,and his sense of humour is to die for!😂👌🏻XX

            2 years ago
      • Let us not forget who actually took the Bugatti Veyron to its top speed!!! The slowest man in the world!

          2 years ago
      • I think you may know the answer already to this haha

          2 years ago
      • Captain Just About Managing Ever so Slowly 😂

          2 years ago
      • Captain Slow is my hero.

          2 years ago


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