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  • Lancia Delta S4 because it’s made by my favourite car manufacturer and I wouldn’t be much of a Lancia collector if it wasn’t. Also, it was by far the most technically advanced Group B rally car with spaceframe construction, compound induction and the basis for the stillborn Group S ECV with its mind bending statistics. Viva Lancia!

    (Also, it won the 86 championship and held onto the title for 11 days)

      14 days ago
  • did subaru go group b

      1 day ago
  • Sport Quattro because Michèle Mouton is my hero, and by god the noises that thing makes 😩 But also I just love how shady Lancia was haha, so many stories of them cheating and just being absolutely batshit crazy, for me they get a close second

      4 days ago
  • From these choices, it'd be the Lancia. Mainly because I've always liked Deltas.

    Got to ask though, where's the RS200?

      14 days ago
    • Only 4 options in this poll. Maybe in the next one 😁

        13 days ago
    • Considering how few Group B monsters there actually were, it wouldn't really have been a stretch to include the lot.

      You even omitted the most beautiful of them all, the 037.

        12 days ago
  • Hmmm...Sport Quattro because they just look so cool even now, the S4 because even now they look like a rally car with only the red paint as their effort to satisfy homologation

      14 days ago