Mat Faf posted in All Polls
13w ago
Which GT3/GT4 car you like the most

Select your answers in order of preference.

    • Ferrari EVO 488
    • Bentley Continental GT3
    • Porcshe 911 GT3 R
    • Ford GT MK II
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    Comments (5)

    • Ford GT and that VW aren't GT3 not GT4 cars. Not sure about the Mustang either. I know Riley Multimatic build current spec GT4 Mustang, dunno about this one.

        3 months ago
      • I saw VW on GT4 event in Italy... So i think it is, Ford GT maybe isnt GT3 but im not sure

          3 months ago
      • Ford GT is for sure not a GT3. Chip Ganassi Racing ran factory Ford GTs in WEC GTE class and IMSA's GTE equivalent - GTLM. There was never a GT3 Ford GT and the one on the photo is just a track car for private use.

          3 months ago