Which iconic Aston Martin are you?

33w ago

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Hey you. You look like a sophisticated kind go-getter. But you are a cutting edge speed machine, or a regal classic? Or neither? Take our really quite excellent Aston Martin quiz and find out.

Every fancy yourself as a spy?

  • Nah, sounds like hard work
  • Yes, I've always considered it as a career
  • No, there's a restraining order that says I can't any more

What is subtlety to you?

  • A waste of time. LOUD NOISES get things done
  • Essential. One has to have class
  • I don't know the meaning of the word. No really, what does it mean?

You're chatting up a potential partner at a casino in Monaco. How do you behave?

  • Smoothly, with lots of innuendo and classic cocktails
  • With a haunted demeanour, remembering lost loves and people you've killed
  • I leave, it sounds awful

You're given an Aston Martin for the day. Where do you take it?

  • An amazing open road
  • An amazing race track
  • Somewhere with lots of people that'll see me driving it

You somehow end up in combat. How do you fight?

  • With speed, guile and intelligence. I am water, my friend
  • He who turns and runs away lives to fight another day

If you were speccing your own Aston, what would be the first option box you'd tick?

  • Ejector seat
  • Sports exhaust
  • Trackday tyres

Who is or was the best racing driver of this selection?

  • Stirling Moss
  • Lewis Hamilton
  • Ayrton Senna
  • Dale Earnhardt

What's the best Martin (other than Aston Martin)?

  • Martin Seamus McFly (better known as Marty)
  • Martin Prince from the Simpsons
  • Film director Martin Scorsese
  • Civil rights activist Martin Luther King

What's the best Aston (apart from Aston Martin)?

  • Aston Villa Football Club
  • Aston Merrygold, the lead singer of pop group JLS
  • The Aston process, used to make wrought iron
  • Lord Aston of Forfar, a controversional Scottish peerage

Fancy a test drive in an Aston Martin DBX?

  • OK yes please
  • No, I'll pass, but thanks

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