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Which is cooler? - an Enzo Ferrari or real Shelby Cobra
  • Real Shelby Cobra 427
  • Enzo Ferrari
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Comments (15)

  • i love the enzo, but i will have to go with my icon’s car

      29 days ago
  • I’m not sure but I know I’d have more fun driving the Enzo

      29 days ago
    • Cobra probably would be a little brutal.

        29 days ago
    • I just think it’s hard to deny how technology has moved on and let’s face it, the Enzo would run circles around the Cobra so if carrying very high speed through corners is what puts a smile on your face, then the Enzo is it.

        29 days ago
  • Cobra

      29 days ago
  • Cobra

      29 days ago
  • 🙂❤️

      29 days ago


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