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    Which Is Prettier?-Riced Prius or Burning Prius
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    • dont see the hatred on a prius tbh they werent built to be a drivers cars and the fuel they save can go into your race cars? and i managed to get 136MPH out of my 2010 one in a private road in mexico obv not on the M6 in the UK at 2am

        5 months ago
      • But they're hideous and not as environmentally conscious as we're led to believe

          5 months ago
      • I can’t deny that there bad for the environment, but I’ve always liked how they look

          5 months ago
    • What kind of question is this? Of course a burning Prius

        5 months ago
    • Yes

        5 months ago
    • Let’s be honest there’s not a lot off love for the Prius on drive tribe

        5 months ago
    • I like modified/customised Priuses, I think it’s quite popular to do that in Japan

        5 months ago


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