Which is the best formula 1 racetrack?

Of the 71 race-tracks used in F1 championships 5 of them have the word 'ring' in the name... it seems someone is listening to Beyonce

4y ago

The first Formula 1 Grand Prix was held at Silverstone 66 years ago, and slowly but surely the sport has found it's way through Europe and all around the world. With new race-tracks being added to the F1 calendar it would be hard to chose a favourite.

So what makes a great race-track? is it the long straights or the punishing tight bends? Some would argue that a street circuit adds a heightened sense of danger and therefore raises the stakes of near-perfect driving, either way each race-track displays a unique spectacle. Of all the street circuits the Monaco Grand Prix is by far the most famous, but many race-tracks in America were street circuits and are no longer a part of the F1 calendar. There is no doubting the prestige of an event like Monaco. Street circuits are still a major part of the F1 season with the new addition of Baku in 2016.

Or could it be the timing? Do some races take place when this side of the world is asleep, I for sure understand the pain having to wake up to watch the Japanese Grand Prix. Do more circuits need to take inspiration from Singapore or Abu Dhabi and display sunset races. Maybe the weather has a huge impact on the race itself with the most recent Brazilian Grand Prix being rather wet, but that didn't stop a young Red Bull driver deliver an amazing drive.

I understand I have asked too many questions in this article already, and so it is time for answers. A F1 race-track is great because of reputation; race-tracks like Silverstone, Spa and Monza show the very essence of the sport and are always going to be regarded as the greats, while other tracks such as Abu Dhabi seem too expensive and unnecessary, I mean, who needs an underground pit exit? Then we come onto the Monaco... which simply comes down to the majesty of the whole event, and that's what Abu Dhabi is trying to be.

Though I must admit Abu Dhabi is trying to usher the sport into a new era, and it does look amazing, it's a only a matter of time before the current race-tracks are but a memory like The Nürburgring, or Imola.

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Comments (5)

  • Interlagos is quite often an important race of the season where the Championship is settled so it does have that prestige, and with the added weather in recent years it hasn't been short of entertaining... But on a dry day it can equally make an amazing race.

      4 years ago
  • If i look at the past races for about ten years back. Interlagos had some great races, so pure on the races i have to go with Interlagos. I know the track is´t special, but in my opinion is not purely about the track it´s layout.

      4 years ago
  • Having been to Spa; I have to say it's pretty epic!

      4 years ago
  • I couldn't agree more Owen, which is your favourite?

      4 years ago
  • The great ones are the ones with heritage. Spa, Monaco, Monza, Silverstone etc

      4 years ago