Adrian Pawlik posted in Jdm

      2y ago


      Which is the ultimate 90's JDM weapon?
      • Toyota Supra MK4
      • Mazda RX-7
      • Honda NSX
      • Nissan Skyline GT-R R34
      • Other- Comment your answer

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      Comments (11)

      • I would give them all a vote! But for me it's the Supra! then the Rx7, R34 and finally the Honda

          2 years ago
      • To be 100% real. I'd love to take an RX-7, or the R34 Skyline out for a proper drive somewhere on some curvy roadway.

        What about yourself? What would you fancy?

          2 years ago
        • I wanna say the NSX, it combines kick-ass performance and rich heritage but even if I had the means I could not justify the price-tag, R34 is eliminated for the same reason. I love the Supra but the community that grew around it compared with my...

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            2 years ago
      • Suzuki Alto is best 😏

          2 years ago
      • So, what exactly is domestic about those?

          2 years ago
        • 2 years ago


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