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Most of us don’t have that privilege to own high class or crazy ass sport cars, so what do we do? We settle for what we can get and do our best with it!

With that small rare percentage of people, whose standards of dream cars isn’t anything at all high end, but rather just below it.

We live with what we get and settle for what we have. Privilege isn’t something we can instantly grab, but rather eventually achieve and passed on or so.

Whether you just want to live as freely as possible or working like a slave, as long as you can push every inch of desire into your convenience, you should live for the moment, where your true greatest pursuits are presented!

Within the city of Sydney, base in the western region, we meet a young individual.

“My names Harry Tran, I am currently 20 years of age, born and raised in western Sydney, Canley Heights, with a passion of the automotive industry. I’m current studying full time at Western Sydney University with a part time job at a trucking logistics company on the side.

My first ever car that I had purchased was back in 2015, and all I had saved up back then was enough to purchase a cheap run around car, the 1996 Honda Civic Ek hatchback GLI was settled at a low cost of just $1,000. Since owning the car for about a year, I’ve done extensive modifications to the car which totalled with more than $5,000. I’d had saved enough for a decent car which was then until this present date, in 2016, a 2000 Honda Civic EM1.

From an early age of just 4, I had a passion of cars as I was a die-hard fan of collecting those mini hot wheels die cast cars in the 1/64 scale models. Since then, I’ve always dreamt of owning my own car to modify like the franchise games, “Need for Speed – Underground” (which I still think is the best game to date to impact on us young teens to develop some intensive creative ideas towards modifying a car).

With ownership of my first car, I was surrounded by my mates who owned a lot of Hondas as well. My mates were HEAPS more experienced in cars than I was and they helped me out a lot. We hung out a lot in my garage and did a lot of work with my little hatchback to which made the car to what it was. My mates introduced me into other mates so it became a really big circle within the car scene. Eventually, what was once a small Honda group on Facebook “Honda Club Sales NSW” impacted my car scene during the time as they helped and guided my way through owning the car itself to change and fix up any problems it had occurred, with as well as, cheap parts for sale, with usually a whopping 70% off the RRP price!

During that time back in 2015 when I owned my little EK hatchback, a group called “Kanjozoku” had really impacted on how I wanted my car to look. Their raw finish on their cars gave it the best inspiration towards my goal of my EK, very raw in look, and aggressive at the same time. Stance was not a tick on my checklist. Function > form in my books.

With my current car, the EM1, the standard build is almost complete, with me about to be the 2nd person in NSW or maybe in Australia to run the rare Te37RT 15x8 +35 4x100. As the EM1 had already had a modification transplant from the old EK, I swapped out everything I did to the EK to the EM1, which consisted from: Coilovers, Camber arms, full exhaust and interior (pretty much everything I could transfer was done). But on the down low, I’m being given a turbo kit that’s worth $2,500 to me and I could use this for my next project in the future, but not in this present since my bank is not high enough to insure the broken parts I will see in the near future.”

-Questions & Answers:

• They say a car reflects it owner, what do you think about this and how does your car reflect on you?

- “It is true. Currently my EM1 is functional and is a great daily. That includes me, I’m not over the top, nor do overly aggressive performance, just clean.”

• If you had the privilege of owning any Honda NSX models, would you and why?

- “If it had to be any NSX, I would love to own the Facelift NSX type R model. It’s probably the best sounding NA and more prestigious car made since its raw body of aluminium. I mean, who wouldn’t want to own a supercar off Honda?”

• What made your car so special to others and what kind of history did it have/ what kind of influences does it have within the car scene?

- “The EM1 is special because I have made this look from its stock form, although it did have some infamous history background. Previous ownership, J.Nham owned it back then and had slammed the S!@T outa it and well, let me put it simple, it literally grabbed everyone’s attention. Back then stance was life, but now it’s changed in my books, I plan to just making it clean with a nice set of fat wheels that stick flush to the guards, and that’s how I love my car to look like, raw. “

“Making the car simply work well in the end of time would mean the best thing for me and for the EM1. No one likes breaking parts, but so far of ownership of this EM1, the car has not broken any parts and I’m thankful for it, maybe just drive the way it’s supposed to be driven and well looked after, that’s how I’d love to keep my EM1 pristine and special.

You should do what makes YOU happy!!!

You’ve probably heard this 1,000 times but I have to keep saying it, no matter what anyone else thinks about what you do, it doesn’t matter, because at the end of the day, it’s your car and your life, do it the way you like it, don’t worry about anyone else’s opinion. Besides stretched and stance, that’s a no go.”

Before Harry's transition.

Before Harry's transition.

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