W​hich Koenigsegg are you?

3w ago


W​hich Koenigseggs' do you usually like more?

  • O​lder models!
  • N​ewer Models!

M​anual or Shift-paddle?

  • M​anual!
  • S​hift-paddle!

F​ully petrol or hybrid?

  • F​ully petrol!
  • H​ybrid!

W​hich aspiration do you prefer?

  • S​upercharger!
  • T​urbocharger!

D​oes your Koenigsegg have to be track-focused?

  • Y​es!
  • N​o not really!

W​here will you drive your Koenigsegg most often?

  • T​he race-track!
  • B​y roaring ocean on a coastal road!
  • M​ostly to car shows and meets!
  • A​round town!

I​f you own a Koenigsegg will you have multiple exotic cars?

  • Y​es for sure!
  • P​robably not!

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