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  • Best Wallpaper?


    Best car to drive


      30 days ago
    • Agreed. While the Countach is far cooler, it is a terrible car. It has never seen a wind tunnel, has zero rear visibility, it’s nose would lift at high speeds, the wing was pointless (but super cool), and has literally zero curves, making the...

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        30 days ago
  • So far 66% of people are wrong. The Countach is far cooler (it’s not as good but it’s is the quintessential Lamborghini, other Lamborghinis are measured against them to see how much of a Lamborghini they are)

      30 days ago
    • I mean just look at it!!! I really have to drive one of these someday. I think it’s the most important Lamborghini as well!

        30 days ago
    • They are quite breathtaking. I saw one at an automotive car convention (it was a black one being used to advertise some sort of cleaning product, but it was quite special just standing next to it)

        30 days ago
  • Old is Gold

      30 days ago


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