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Which Mac would you recommend for me?
  • MacBook Air
  • MacBook Pro 13"
  • MacBook Pro 16"
  • iMac 21.5"
  • iMac 5K 27"
  • iMac Pro
  • Mac Pro (if you think I have a spare £50k....)
  • Mac Mini

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  • It really depends on what you’re doing. If you want something for on the go, but don’t want to empty your wallet, it’s best you go for the MacBook Air. If you’re wanting to render animations and edit videos, either take a high end MacBook Pro or the iMac 5k. If you really want to go “all in” and get the best of the best, I recommend the iMac Pro - the Pro Display XDR is out of most people’s price range. Let me know if you want any other advice regarding it (I’m a computer nut)

      20 days ago
    • Thanks! Well, I currently have a 2016 MacBook pro 13 but it’s getting a bit slow nowadays. I have been thinking about getting the new 13 inch or maybe even the 16 inch because that’ll last me in the long run. But should i wait for the Apple...

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        20 days ago
    • I recommend buying one next year. ARM isn’t compatible with some software yet, which could be an issue. The intel i7 and i5 processors have just been upgraded to 10th gen, and from experience with an i7 10th gen, trust me, it’s really fast. I...

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        20 days ago
  • I have a Mac Book Pro 15" it was the last one with an optical drive. I just upgraded it to 16GB of ram and it's still running like a dream. I use it for writing, university work, normal stuff like online banking etc and for gaming through Steam. It really is a decent machine, I can only imagine a new one is even better.

      21 days ago
    • I do love them. What year is it, do you know?

        21 days ago
    • I think I bought it in 2015? But at the time the new one with retina and no optical drive was just out.

        20 days ago
  • Do not go for an ARM laptop yet. As Cap'n Cars pointed out, ARM is not too compatible. Get an i7 16-inch 1TB 16GB RAM Macbook Pro. If that costs too much get the 15-inch one. As you have a YouTube chanel now, you can video edit on the 15 and 16. The 15 and 16 get an extra USB 3.0 port compared to the 12. And If you are for a big screen, you can get one of those monitors for £200 extra. And adapters are a must.

      20 days ago
  • I use the 2018 Air. It’s wonderful. Great battery, very fast, and not too big. I highly recommend it.

      19 days ago
  • The highest rated MacBook Air if you’re on the move and want something new; I - as a former Apple employee - am happy to advise you.

    My kid got a beefed up iMac to deal with High School. That might fit your needs.

    Used MacBook Pros can be had cheap.

    And I’ll steer you to experts if you need a Mac Pro but only have a budget for a Hackintosh.

    Fair enough?

      19 days ago
    • Thanks! I think a MacBook Air might be a bit too weak for me as I’ve heard the fans are on all the time. I think a MacBook Pro will be best for me. Do you think a top spec 13inch or a low spec 16 inch?

        19 days ago


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