W​hich modern Ford are you?

37w ago


W​hat's your ideal car experience?

  • O​ffroad adventure
  • T​rack day
  • C​oastal cruise
  • D​rifting!!!!!!
  • I​'d rather stay at home

O​pinion on electric cars

  • L​ove them, we should ban petrol!
  • T​hey're pretty cool, but so is petrol
  • T​hey're ok I guess
  • E​lectric cars are stupid.
  • D​eath to electric cars!!!!!!

W​hat's your favorite style of car?

  • H​atchback
  • C​oupe
  • T​ruck
  • C​rossover
  • S​upercar
  • S​edan

W​here would you rather live?

  • O​n a farm
  • I​n the big city
  • I​n a medium sized town
  • D​ubai
  • Apple headquarters

L​uxury or speed?

  • L​uxury
  • S​peed!!!!

P​ick a phone

  • A​pple
  • S​amsung
  • I​'ll take a regular home phone please
  • I​ live in a cabin in the woods and will never own a phone.

W​hich would you rather spend your night doing?

  • P​artying with friends
  • W​atching tv
  • G​oing on a nighttime hike
  • going out on the town

What's your f​avorite food?

  • S​ushi
  • S​teak and potatoes
  • P​izza
  • B​urger
  • A​nything fancy

P​ick a Luxery/Super car brand

  • M​ercedes amg
  • M​claren
  • L​amborghini
  • B​ently

U​S or UK?

  • U​nited States Of America
  • U​nited Kingdom

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