which nascar driver are you?

1y ago

your in second and you need to win to win the championship, what do you do?

  • put is high and make it stick
  • punt them out the way!
  • get them down the back stretch
  • put them off by faking high and going low

someone crashed him and you out, how do you react?

  • have a quiet word with him. rubbin's racin!
  • go to his car and give him a few choice words
  • wait for him to come to you and give him what he deserves!
  • complain to the tv and his crew.

you get offered the seat in the fastest car, do u take it?

  • hell yeah!
  • i'm alright thanks

summer holiday, where you going?

  • hunting and fishing in Dixie!
  • somewhere like Spain or mexico
  • err the shop to work on my cars

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