Which of the cars I have driven before are you?

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    First of all, let's start with the following: luxurious or quick?

    • Both!
    • just luxurious, I don't care about speed that much.
    • I don't care for heated leather seats, that's just more weight!
    • Which one is the cheapest?

    Talking about quick. Corners or straight line?

    • All about the curves.
    • Straight line speed is more important to me.
    • We have speed limit's anyways. I don't need to go quick.

    When people see you driving, they mutter "this person looks like they're really ..."

    • Mysterious
    • Intelligent
    • Youthful
    • Cheap
    • Bloody stupid
    • Rich
    • Keen on selling drugs to people, children especially

    What's the worst thing you've done in your car?

    • Forgot to check the tyre pressure
    • Ran over someones dog. In my Jaaag.
    • Crashed into a lightpost attempting a handbrake turn

    Are you a bit of a chav?

    • God no.
    • Maybe a little bit.
    • what the fuck are ya on about mate? chav nation.

    Last one, which one of these lads do you relate to most?

    • The Clarkson
    • The Hammond
    • The May

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