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      Which of the top car owning nations do you think is worst at driving?
      • Americans
      • Chinese
      • Japanese
      • Germans
      • Indians
      • British
      • French
      • Brazilians
      • Italians
      • Canadians
      • Koreans
      • Russians
      • Iranians
      • Mexicans
      • Spanish
      • Australians
      • Indonesians
      • Turkish
      • Argentinians
      • Thai

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      • The problem with us Americans is that nobody understands the left lane is the passing lane...I've passed on the right too many times

          2 years ago
      • It’s the Channel Islanders. Bloody lunatics.

          2 years ago
      • Muricans with their great cars and great engines to get ladies...but automatic gearboxes makes them be like pumped up mopeds. 🤣

          2 years ago
      • I expected Russia to get all the Votes, however I wasn't surprised that China got the worse driving, they don't even have the decency to stop if they run over a pedestrian.

          2 years ago
      • The problem we have in the US is the lack of real driving instruction (in most cases) and driving is treated like it’s s right not a privilege.

        Road rage is a huge problem here as well.

          2 years ago


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