​which of the trio are you based on random questions?

39w ago

p​ick an insult

  • y​ou infantile pillock!
  • ​Hammond you idiot!
  • I​s he an idiot or a moron?

p​ick an annoyed/scared expression of words..

  • o​h cock..
  • g​o you stupid car! go!

d​o you find it hard to fit in cars

  • ​yeah. very. don't make me talk about it...
  • I​m about right.
  • I​ need a cushion to see above the steering wheel. what do you think..

h​ow often do you crash cars?

  • I​m a good driver. I won't.
  • a​t my speed, it is hard to crash a car...
  • yeah, quite a bit.

h​ow sensitive are you about your food?

  • I​ am known to have punched someone in the face over it..
  • m​eh, I love most food.
  • I​ will not eat lots.

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