Which of these BMW auction icons would get your £60k?

2y ago


They were conceived over a decade apart. One helped pioneer turbocharging in European cars, the other's naturally aspirated motor enabled it to dominate the late '80s DTM scene.

But apart from both being developed by BMW's M Division, the other things these two legends have in common is that they are both going under the hammer this September with the same £60-70k reserve.

First up there's the 2002 Turbo. Only 1672 were built, all in left-hand drive and in various colours, white being the most popular.

According to Autocar's 1974 test, these things were capable of 0-60mph in 7.3sec and 130mph flat out. Not bad for 1973 when you consider half the cars on the road back then probably struggled to top the 70mph motorway limit.

This particular car was built in 1973 but not registered until 1975 in Switzerland. It moved to Jersey in '91, has been there ever since, and was recently recommissioned after a period in storage.

Or maybe you'd prefer the crisp, lag-free power delivery of the M3. This non-Evo version was delivered new to Germany in '91 meaning it should have the later, more powerful 215hp version of the 16-valve S14 2.3. Performance-wise it could take 1sec out of the '02 to 60mph and top 140mph.

Imported to the UK in '97 and looked after by a variety of leading specialists and a main dealer, it looks like a great car - if you can get your head round handing over money that just a few years ago would have seemed crazy even for a Sport Evo...

We all know you could buy a lot more car than this with £60-70k, but which one would get your hypothetical wad?

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