Nathan A posted in NASCAR
1w ago
Which one is better? Part 3

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  • Dodge, Cadillac would just be another Pontiac situation. It’s nice to have them but it’s ultimately redundant.

      9 days ago
  • Dodge for sure

      10 days ago
  • I'd say either Honda or BMW should be next. Honda, because of their manufacturing in the states and their presence in Indycar and BMW because the Z4 is, in a way, already in the Xfinity Series. Also, Caddi? They've literally had zero presence in NASCAR (and stock car racing as a whole) at all, Lincoln and Jag have had a bigger presence in NASCAR.

      10 days ago
  • Cadillac for sure, but Dodge would probably stay longer and have more teams on board

      10 days ago
  • I miss dodge in nascar so that’s what I’m voting for

      10 days ago