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Which one of these GM concept trucks do you want to see make it to production?
Select your answers in order of preference.
    • GMC Heavy Duty
    • GMC Off-Road
    • Chevy Colorado
    • Chevy Silverado

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    Comments (24)

    • They all look terrible

        26 days ago
    • I’d rather stick my left nipple in a panini press.

        25 days ago
    • ugh for all of them. I just want the GMC Syclone.

        26 days ago
    • That GMC Heavy Duty looks bad ass it could be a modern day C8500.

        26 days ago
      • I know, right? If only the current GMC Sierra looked like that.

          26 days ago
      • Whoa! The current Sierra looks awesome. This is a concept. As it’ll stay.

          23 days ago
    • The Colorado looks like something from halo

        23 days ago


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