Which Porsche are you?

How do you feel about electrification?

  • I am all for it!
  • No please no!

Naturally aspirated or turbocharged?

  • Naturally aspirated
  • Turbocharged

Air-cooled or Water-cooled?

  • Air-cooled
  • Water-cooled

How often do you plan to drive your Porsche?

  • Everyday!
  • On nice weekends!
  • Rarely, I want to preserve it!

Where do you see yourself with your Porsche?

  • Cruising along the ocean
  • Driving around the city
  • Hitting the apex at the track
  • At the greatest meets and shows

Will your Porsche be a manual or automatic?

  • Manual for sure!
  • Automatic please!

Is the Porsche 911 your favorite model in general?

  • Yes Please give me one!
  • I want something else!

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