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Which racing series do you like the most?
  • Formula 1
  • WTCR
  • Rallycross
  • Other, I will share my opinion in the comment section

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  • Endurance Racing (24h of LeMans)

      8 months ago

      8 months ago
  • MotoGP for sure!

    There is no class or sport that can compare at the circuit level.

    Sure WRC but they are one car at a time.

    MotoGP there you can have 5 riders aside each other into the corners onto a 360 kmh straight.

    I love racing and follow WRC, F1, INDY, MotoGP etc.

    But without a doubt MotoGP gives me the greatest joy! 😃

      8 months ago
  • MotoGP

      8 months ago
  • BTCC!

      8 months ago