Which retro hot hatch would you go for?

Retro hot hatches are big business at the moment. If you have a clean, unabused example then you're more or less quids in. Why? Because by definition a hot hatch tends to attract a certain sort of driver..normally young guys who are more than happy to let the car demonstrate what it's best at...HOOLIGANISM!

We want you to tell us which 20+ year old hot hatch you love the most and why. We'll get your juices flowing with a few legendary examples!

We've got to start with the Renault 5 turbo, haven't we?

Ali G's favourite - the R5 GTT - what a monster!

The Escort RS Turbo

Get your wallets out..here comes a classic Ford!

Peugeot 205 GTi 1.9

The 205 GTi... uhh, very well modelled

Volkswagen Golf GTi MK1

Here it is - genesis - a MK1 Golf GTi. The instigator of the Hot Hatch revolution of the 1980's

Metro turbo

If you're sniggering at this one, be ashamed! The phenomenal Metro Turbo

So there's a few options to get you thinking - but what would you go for? What do the real car fans think of when the think of retro hot hatches?

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