Which sleeper car are you?

29w ago

Do you still want to stand out, even just a little bit, on the road?

  • Yeah!
  • Only to enthusiasts.
  • I should basically be invisible.

Would you like your car to have some track capabilities based on its stock configuration?

  • Absolutely!
  • Maybe every once in a while...
  • Track days? Why would I waste my time and money on those?

Does the ability to do affordable maintenance and repairs on your car yourself matter to you?

  • Give me the tools, I'll do it!
  • Maybe for some fluids or filter changes.
  • I don't trust my mechanical abilities, leave it all up to the pros.

At red lights, do you floor it when the light turns green?

  • One hundred percent. Just about every time.
  • Maybe if I'm feeling pretty confident that day.
  • I'd rather be sensible and steady off of the line.

Where do you want your sleeper to originate from?

  • The United States
  • Japan
  • Any European country

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