Which Sports Cars Have the Best Resale Value?

Depreciation is an unfortunate and inevitable consequence of car ownership. However, some cars maintain their value far better than others. Although resale value typically isn’t top of mind for those purchasing a new sports car, it’s still interesting to see which performance vehicles best maintain their value.

How much does the typical car depreciate? The average vehicle across all segments loses 49.6 percent of its value after five years. The average sports car, however, fares a little better and loses 48.0 percent of its value after five years.

So which sports cars hold their value the best? To figure this out, car search engine iSeeCars.com analyzed more than 7.7 million new and used car sales to identify the models that depreciate the least and most after five years. It’s important to note that the study looks specifically at vehicles from the 2014 model year, so newer models aren’t represented. Without further adieu, here are the lowest-depreciating sports cars:

The iconic Porsche 911 earns the top and fourth sports on the list for both its coupe and convertible versions. Porsche is known for having strong resale values, and the retained value of the 911 shows that the vehicle remains in high demand as a dream car for many.

Ranked second is the Nissan GT-R, which bills itself as the “everyday supercar.” The GT-R is produced in low supply, and it remains in high demand because it is one of the few supercars that can also work as a daily driver.

The remaining sports cars on the list all have average new car prices under $40,000. Due to their relative affordability compared to other sports cars, they don’t depreciate as steeply as their six-figure counterparts. They are also popular models, so their demand keeps their resale values high.

For the full study, including the sports cars that lose the most value, visit the iSeeCars website.

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