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Which Super Series McLaren do you prefer?
  • McLaren 720s
  • McLaren 765LT
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Comments (16)

  • the 720 because I haven't driven the 765 yet

      22 days ago
    • And I’m extremely jealous of you for driving a 720!!!!

        22 days ago
    • Man don't be jealous next time go with Allessandro and when he is away take his card swap the photo if it that stick up old way of passport size pic on I'd card pretend as Him,

      Take the keys have a scoot round the track job done, if something...

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        21 days ago
  • I prefer the 90s F1 myself.

      20 days ago
  • 765LT cause I can flip for a higher price.

      21 days ago
  • Between those 2, and considering this is McLaren ( ;-) ), you always want to pick the later model. They ironed a few things out and it'll work that much better. Yes, between the 2, you would want the LT.

    However, personally, I would take an F8 Tributo. Nay, I would take the Roma. A bit of civility with a vehicle you won't be taking to the track hardly ever is always going to be more enjoyable to drive. :-)

      21 days ago
  • People choose the 765LT because it's newer, more powerful and has been described by Car and Driver as, "a budget Senna." Where in reality the McLaren 720s is just as equal of a car if not better. The specifications on these cars are not much different except for the price.

      21 days ago


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