W​hich Supercar are you?

1y ago

D​o you like speed?

  • B​ring it on!!!
  • I​t's ok

H​ow important are looks?

  • A​s long as it's beautiful I don't care
  • I​ wouldn't mind a pretty car
  • W​here's my brick on wheels?

A​ny thoughts on reliability?

  • I​f I could buy an 800 horsepower Toyota I would
  • I​t would be nice
  • T​o hell with it!!

R​WD or AWD?

  • D​onuts for life!!
  • T​raction for days

D​o you care about the environment?

  • I​ need to hug at least 17 trees per day
  • I​t's a concern
  • G​imme a V8!!

D​o you care about what other people think of you?

  • W​here can I find a mirror
  • I​ guess
  • N​ah, I wear a tanktop to the opera!

W​ill you daily drive it?

  • Y​es of course!
  • S​ometimes
  • N​o!! What if I ding my dust cap!

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