W​hich Tesla are you?

D​o first cars built by a company matter!

  • W​ell of course
  • S​omewhat
  • T​hey don't matter at all

D​o you like Trucks!

  • W​ell Hell Yeah!!
  • y​eah
  • N​ah

D​o you like having lots of room in your cars?

  • ​Of Course
  • I​ don't consider it

W​hich do you prefer most often?

  • L​arger cars(sedans etc)
  • S​maller cars
  • H​UGE!!!!!!

C​hoose a motor option

  • S​ingle motor
  • D​ual motor
  • T​ri-motor

P​ick a road trip

  • A​cross the country and back
  • T​o the sand dunes and back
  • A​cross the state
  • A​ trip to the beach

H​ow important is luxury?

  • T​he most important!
  • I​ncredibly!
  • I​ts nice to have
  • Y​uck!! to heavy!

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