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    Which Tesla model do you like the most?
    • Roadster (1st and 2nd)
    • Model S
    • Model 3
    • Model X
    • Model Y
    • Cybertruck
    • Semi
    • I don't like any Tesla

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    • All of their cars are great, and, these are Doug DeMuro's words, not mine, the Model 3 is the best car on sale right now, and I have to agree, if you don't, just watch the ending of this year's DougAwards and you will too; but personally my favourite is the 2nd gen Roadster, though I love all of them

        10 months ago
      • Agreed. If you can afford a Model 3, it's crazy not to buy it. It's sexy, fast, comfy, reliable, modern and cooler than just about anything on the road (even the SR+).

          10 months ago
    • I don’t want to like the roadsters, but I kind of do

        10 months ago
      • I like the 1st one more than the second, but the second one has some insane performance. Still would take a Taycan over the new Roadster though.

          10 months ago
      • Taycan, easily. The old roadster was modeled off of a lotus exige I think

          10 months ago
    • I love them all, but I would take the second generation Roadster.

        10 months ago
    • Roadster only

        10 months ago
      • Same, first or second one? I like both.

          10 months ago
      • Not a huge Tesla fan, but I do like the roadster. Although I’m partial to a lot of roadsters

          10 months ago
    • I like the Model 3 the best however, I can’t really complain about any Tesla. They make fantastic vehicles.

        10 months ago


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