Which Top Gear Top creation will you get based on how you deal with your day? 3

26w ago

Dear parents, what is your usual procedure for getting your child out of bed?

  • Switch the light on and leave them to it
  • Gently and sweetly ask them to wake up and get up
  • My answer is rather inappropriate

A couple of minutes before leaving, your child remembers you need to sign an important paper. What do you tell him?

  • You didn't remember to ask me before therefore it can't be that important, it will wait.
  • This is the last time I sign your paper 5 minutes before leaving
  • Quickly sign the paper while not fully paying attention to what it actually says

You've made it back home after having dropped your kid to school.

  • Before anything else, I auto-congratulate myself.
  • I miss them now...
  • No time to think about them, on with my busy day

While you're working, you realise your child's school book is on the table when it should be in his bag.

  • I should drive all the way to school to bring him even though he probably couldn't care less...
  • He will just have to do without, it's time he grows up.
  • I'm way too busy to think about his school book.

It is homework time.

  • I'm starting calm but I know I won't end calm.
  • I will try superficial confidence this time!
  • I can't help you tonight, I'm replacing my head gasket.

After homework, you figure out tonight is hair washing time.

  • I'll just come straight out with it and never mind if she/he isn't happy with it.
  • I might exceptionnaly reschedule it to tomorrow night...
  • Patience and making it fun is the answer!

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