Which Top Gear Top creation will you get based on how you deal with your day?

37w ago

So you wake up 10 minutes before you have to get up.

  • You can get a lot of sleep in that time, I'll go back to bed.
  • I shall slowly get up and take my time
  • I was hungry anyway, off I go!

You're having breakfast and realise you've left your credit card in your room.

  • I should go and get it before I forget
  • I'm able to remember important things. Plus I'm eating.
  • I'll set a reminder on my phone.

As you enter your work building, you notice someone isn't wearing their mask on properly.

  • Are we still not behaving after all we've been through... pfff
  • Enough is enough! Excuse me...
  • As long as I'm more than 99 cm away from that person, I won't get bogged down by this situation.

It is lunchtime.

  • I'll go and pay a visit to the nearest sandwich store
  • I prepared my home-made lunch this morning.
  • I eat at the self-service, it's just easier

You're now coming back home and just in front of your house, you see an Audi RS6.

  • Cool car but this is still MY space in front of MY house.
  • I was just thinking this morning I needed a better view from the kitchen
  • Awesome! Hold on a second as I take a picture and post it on Drivetribe

As you're cooking, it gets a bit chilly.

  • I'm going to be eating anyway, I'll count on that to warm up.
  • Heating on, quickly!
  • This is my thickest pull-over!

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