Which vehicles are exempt from the London ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone)?

Transport for London and the Mayor of London have recently implemented new restrictions on emissions for cars circulating in the centre of the city.

Starting from April 2019, charges apply to all vehicles that don't meet the necessary requirements circulating in the new ultra low emission zone in central London on any given day of the year.

However, some restrictions and discounts apply. Let’s take a look at the vehicles that are exempt from the ULEZ charge.


Residents whose car(s) is registered in the congestion charge area of London are exempt until 24 October 2021.

Starting from 25 October 2021, residents will have to pay the full ULEZ charge.

Vehicles for disabled people

All vehicles registered with or for disabled passengers benefit from a grace period until 26 October 2025. This exemption includes both vehicles registered in the UK and vehicles registered outside the United Kingdom. The only difference is that owners of vehicles that are not registered in the UK will have to register with the TFL first.

London taxis

All London-licensed taxis are exempt from the charges, although a 15-year age limit applies. This limit may be reduced to 12 years in the upcoming months. However, TFL also makes it clear that all newly licensed taxis must be capable of producing zero emissions.

Wheelchair-accessible PHVs

Designated wheelchair-accessible PHVs (Private Hire Vehicle) will be granted a grace period until 26 October 2025. The list of designated PHVs is available on the TFL website.

Historic vehicles

Vehicles built more than 40 years ago are eligible for an exemption. The date moves forward on 40-year rolling system so, for example, vehicles built before 1979 are eligible for the exemption in 2019.

Other exemptions and discounts

Agricultural as well as military vehicles and certain types of cranes are exempt. The same applies to not-for-profit minibuses. Certain criteria apply for minibuses. They have to be able to carry 8-16 passengers and they have to owned or leased by a not-for-profit organization.

Showman's vehicles such as performance vehicles or vehicles carrying performance equipment are also exempt.

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  • Hold up, does that mean a 1969 Dodge Charger with a 7.2 litre V8 is allowed?

    4 months ago
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  • 😂 so imagine this, no gas cars allowed. Every one has to charge their cars and buses. Then you start experiencing power shortages. Now they will fine you for charging your car during peak times. Your car is worthless you can’t charge it you can’t drive it.

    You can only plug in so many things before your beaker switch pops. There is not enough power for the world to have electric cars only. Oh it will help one thing, London traffic😂

    4 months ago
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