1y ago
Which was the best Grand Prix of the 2019 Season?

Select your answers in order of preference.

    • Australia
    • Bahrain
    • China
    • Azerbaijan
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    Comments (12)

    • I placed Brazil above Germany because Brazil didn't need the rain to be utterly brilliant. Loved the German grand prix a lot though

        1 year ago
    • I can't remember some of them... I'd better get on F1TV whilst I still have the subscription and rewatch EVERY RACE !

      Can you tell I'm missing racing? 😂😂

        1 year ago
    • That's a tough job!

        1 year ago
    • Old Race tracks vs. New Race Tracks

        1 year ago
    • Sooo many variables - best race or best result, best race as in good or best by virtue of shaking things up a bit? Very much hoping for an end to the Mercedes dominance for next year, Liberty are making it enough of a snore fest as it is, a few simple changes could change this - and someone, please buy some paint for France and cover up that hideous mess around the track..

        1 year ago