Which would you rather drive?
      • Volkswagen Golf R
      • Honda Civic Type R
      • Ford Focus RS
      • Subaru WRX STI Type RA

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      Comments (5)

      • The Golf is the most "stealthy" of the bunch. The others suffer from various degrees of "wings and fins" and "trying too hard to look fast".

          1 year ago
        • True. The focus isn’t that bad either, but I just can’t stand the looks of the Subaru and Honda

            1 year ago
      • Golf R is the quickest most enjoyable most reliable better looking gunner to drive does cost a bit but still it would be your best investment.

          1 year ago
      • Honda Civic type R (4%) 😂

          1 year ago
      • My nephew had the Focus and traded it in for the Civic. He's already talking about trading in the Honda. Great cars but not for the driving he needs to do (commuting and high traffic).

        I'm not fond of any of them. The VW is just the least over the top looking of the bunch.

          1 year ago


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